Laurence Fishburne’s In Depth | Public Television | Modular Building

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Laurence Fishburne’s In Depth | Public Television | Modular Building

In Depth With Host Laurence Fishburne Modular Construction

In Depth with Host Laurence Fishburne | Public Television | Modular Building

Modular construction is becoming one of the most popular methods of construction, especially in areas with limited resources and a need for quick and reliable infrastructure. One of the most common uses of modular and prefabricated construction is in locations after a natural disaster where proper housing is required efficiently and quickly. “In Depth with Laurence Fishburne” will be presenting this piece on all of the effects resilience building has on the future of construction. “In Depth hosted by Laurence Fishburne“, is distributed to educational television networks from coast to coast.

In Depth with Laurence Fishburne is developed for Public Television that has earned critical acclaim from viewers and critics all around the world. The series provides viewers with quality, informative content.


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